Anti-Fashion and Dissemination of Fashion



Anti-fashion is a trend that goes against the latest trends and emphasizes the value of quality and craftsmanship. The idea is to create pieces that will last a long time, without the need to buy them every season. This approach has become increasingly popular in recent years. In addition to using high-quality local materials, it focuses on traditional cuts and dyeing techniques. Designers have also embraced the Anti-Fashion movement.


Style is the way someone expresses their ideas through language. It can be an individual trait or the product of a particular period, school, or nation.


The way we consume fashion is changing, with micro trends and fads taking the world by storm. Social media has taught us to seek out the latest trends on the go, and younger generations are seeking more personalised products that are tailored to them. This is accelerating the trend cycle, as fast-fashion brands and retailers are ramping up their ranges and turnaround times.


Dissemination of fashion is the process of making a style visible to an audience. This process involves a variety of routes, vehicles and waypoints. The term ‘dissemination’ comes from the word ‘dissemination’ – “to distribute.”