How to Write Good News


News is any item of interest that occurs in the world and can be reported by a newspaper, magazine or TV program. It can be about a current event or an historical incident that has happened. The goal of News is to educate, inform and amuse readers, listeners or viewers. It can also be used to promote a particular point of view or policy.

Writing a good news article requires researching and putting together all the facts about an event before you begin to write. You should be able to answer the five W’s (who, what, where, when and why) and provide your readers with a complete story about an event. Whether you’re writing a news article for work or for school, it is important to check your facts before publication. Having incorrect or incomplete information can discredit your work and hurt your credibility as a writer.

Knowing your audience is another key to writing a news article. If you are writing for a specific audience, ask yourself questions like what age range are you targeting, where is this audience located, why are they reading your article and what do they want to get out of it? This will help you to decide what information to include and how to present it.

Begin your article with 25 compelling words to draw in your reader. This is known as a “lead” in journalism jargon. Using this technique helps to ensure that your most important news will appear above the fold of the paper or, in the case of online news, the top of the screen before they have to scroll down.

After you’ve written your lead, begin your news story with the most important details about the event or issue that is being discussed. Then add any additional information that might be helpful to your readers. This can include contact information, additional facts about the people or event involved and quotes from sources. Providing this additional information can make your article more interesting and informative.

When writing a news article, avoid including your own opinion. Unless it is a commentary piece, your personal opinions should not be included in the news you are reporting. In general, you should report the facts of an event and not the opinions of those involved in it.