How to Write Newsworthy Stories


The selection process is as important as the event itself in making something newsworthy. Some people even consider it more important. The process that determines which stories make the cut is the journalistic process. While the news may be true or false, it is ultimately the journalistic process that determines whether something is newsworthy. This process has many different aspects, but it is important to understand the basics. Here are the different types of stories that make the cut. You can learn more about them in the article below.

Human interest stories

Human interest stories in the news are different from traditional news. They focus on individuals, groups, and causes. They can be educational, incite debate, or tug at our heartstrings. Here are some tips for writing human interest stories in the news:

Events that affect people’s lives

Several major life events are able to evoke complex emotions. Death of a loved one, a divorce, and a career change are all examples of traumatic events. Often, these events result in adjustment disorders. Despite these changes, most people have no visible symptoms after experiencing a traumatic event. However, they can experience intense emotional reactions, including shock and denial. Such reactions are designed to protect us from the emotional impact of a traumatic event.

Stories that preach nationalism

Christian nationalism has been around for centuries. Even the Jan. 6 insurrection of the Unite the Right was inspired by religious fervor. Rabbi Rachel Schmelkin, who attended the rally, has since dedicated her life to examining the events that led to the attack and working to prevent it from happening again. But what’s the most dangerous aspect of Christian nationalism? Is it a dangerous trend that should be stopped?

Stories that make an impact

Storytelling has the power to shift minds, build movements, and raise awareness. While scientific data, statistics, and facts can support your arguments, it’s human instinct that drives our decisions. Consequently, targeting the right audience for social change communications can be difficult. Here are three tips for storytelling that makes an impact. Let’s dive in! This article will provide an introduction to the topic of impact storytelling. Then, learn how to tell a story that elicits strong emotions.