The Values of News


During the 20th century, the telephone and radio became important ways to transmit news. In the 21st century, the Internet has begun to play a similar role.

There are many different types of news, and different groups of people take interest in different types. For example, people are interested in the news of war or conflict among countries. People also take interest in the news of unusual events.

For example, news of an earthquake or hurricane can be considered “hard” news. The news can be hard because it’s controversial. There can also be “bad” news, which is news of extreme occurrences or behaviour.

News of human interest, also known as soft news, is typically concerned with entertainment, health, education, and lifestyle. These stories are often accompanied by anecdotes, humorous headlines, and human interest. These stories can also cover staged events or planned events.

These stories are often related to famous people. For example, the election of Barack Obama was based in the United States. There were also stories about the Boston Marathon bombings, which took place in Boston, Massachusetts. The Boston Marathon bombings were considered “news” because of the way they impacted the public.

The news of an event is usually brief. News reports are intended to be informative and to help people become more knowledgeable. This is why some news sources provide information about prevailing attitudes around the time of an event. In addition, many news sources provide reactions to the event. These reactions can provide insights that take a long time to get from scholarly sources.

Another value of news is objectivity. The news should tell the truth. This can include a balance in the story, but it can also mean that the news is not biased. Some news sources report news as it occurs, while others may report the news as they think is best. Some news sources report news that is accurate and timely. Other news sources report news that is biased and inaccurate.

The third value of news is entertainment. The entertainment value of news is usually concerned with human interest, show business, sex, witty headlines, and entertaining photographs. Some news sources also report on sports, entertainment, and other hobbies.

The fourth value of news is significance. The news value of significance can be based on the size of the number of people affected by the news or the significance of the story. This value can also be based on the degree of loss of life. Compared to other types of news, news stories that involve significant loss of life have a larger impact on readers. This is especially true for news of war.

The values of news can be contested, based on the combination of subjective and practical influences. These influences may include the environment in which the journalists work, the culture of the news medium, and the mix of social and ideological influences. However, these influences may also fluctuate, and this fluctuation can also cause fluctuations in news values.